Our custom map and filtering system makes finding your next hunt easy and gives you the data needed for success.

Meet The Map System

Find your next hunt using our custom map system that allows you to see curated historical data on states and counties based on your filtering

State Overview

You will be presented with a map overview of all the states allowing you to select the state and see historical data to give you the best opportunity for a harvest.

County Overview

Once a state is selected you will then be presented with the individual counties of that state along with the historical data for each one.

Advanced Filtering

With our advanced filtering system you will be able to find your next hunt based on historical data to give you the best chance for a harvest or trophy.

Historical Data

We have compiled historical data from multiple sources for the state and counties within to give you the best possible decision making on your next hunt.

Filter by State

You will be able to pick the state you would like to hunt in and make your decision based on historical data for that specific state.

Filter by County

After selecting a state you will be able to see historical data for each county within that state.

Supported Species

We will have whitetail deer data out of the box with plans to add more species after the initial launch.